New amazing app for contacting abroad.

A perfect app to call your friends, family members or who ever you'd love to talk to.

Get the app * available for iPhone & Android

Enjoy using Avokall app for free, calling other members is free.

Avokall cost you only if you call landlines or cellphones missing Avokall

Get the app * calling to all registered members is free!

Calling have never been cheaper and easier!

Dial your destination number and you will see the Avokall rate directly. As simple as that!

Get the app * available for iPhone & Android
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Mobile version

Availble for all types of cellphones, running on iOS and Android.

Call & chat from desktop

Available for devices running Windows and Mac OS


Chat with your friends easily

Text your friends and family members no matter which country they are in right now, no matters if they have internet connection or not.

Free VOICE and VIDEO call to all Avokall members !

Do you want to have a video conference or just talk to some friends? It’s easy! Invite them to Avokall, By install it they will be able to see you and talk to you by our high quality video stream that allows users to have great conversations.

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Call members for free and call others for cheap prices, that's how you save money!

A must-have app you can't miss

Imagine if you could call your grandma on her old landline number or if you could just call your business partner in areas they don’t have good internet quality or maybe you just want to have a video conversation with your parents? YES, It’s possible with Avokall.

Screenshots See Avokall in action, it is easy to use and doesn't cost you like other operators.

Avokall dialpad, showing your credit and conversation ratesVoice conference, all free!Sending attachmentsVideocall

Add Avokall credits online, from $5 !You can pay online and buy Avokall credits which will be used only to call friends with a land-line or cellphone without Avokall.

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* Other methods coming soon: SmartPit, Quickpay, Linkpoint, CashU, CyberSource, Internet Secure, Bitcoin

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Don't hesitate to contact us. Using Avokall from today can save you a lot of money that you usually pay for conversations.

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