Avokall dialpad, showing your credit and conversation rates Featured

To place an international call you will have to dial the international country code, followed by the city code, and the destination number. You can do all this simply on the dial pad of the app or the Avokall user portal.

Once you download the app and sign up, you can top up your account and call any number either through the app or through the Avokall user portal.You start being charged the moment your call is answered. The call duration you are charged for is displayed in your account.You can check your balance on the app, by going to the Account tab or even on the dial pad page, at the left bottom corner. You can make calls to any destination in the world with Avokall. Please check our rates page for more details. You can send SMSs from your computer through your account on the Avokall user portal or using Avokall apps. You can download our apps from App Store or Google Play and use them to make calls and send SMSs.

Why Avokall? Because: No access number required.

You don't need any special equipment. You can call directly from your mobile, using our apps or over the Avokall user portal. 

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