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After downloading the app and signing up, you can top up your account and call any number or any of the contacts that you have saved on your smartphone.

Chat with interesting emojisYou don't have any extra fees besides the regular rates, there are no hidden fees or other costs. Remember that calling other users on Avokall is always free. You will only pay if you want to call people without Avokall app installed. Another think you should know is that calling with Avokall has no start fee, unlike lots of other operators. And of course those starting fees are not not cheap, they mostly cost almost more than a fee of 2-3 minutes conversation. But with Avokall you never pay for start fee. 

Why Avokall? Because: No PIN number required.

To change your personal information, on the app, go to the My Account tab and choose Profile Details option. There you can simply change the information. To change your personal information, on the Avokall user portal, on the top right hand side, go to My Profile. Then choose Personal Data tab and using the edit button, edit the information.

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